Thursday, April 2, 2015

That Taboo Thing: Steroids
Perhaps little known to the general public, steroids are as large a part of professional bodybuilding as legal supplementation, diet, and even lifting weights. All four aspects must be perfectly balanced in order for a bodybuilder to look their absolute best on stage. This is not a sport for making money, unless you consistently win 2-3 pro shows a year and have killer endorsement deals, or your own supplement line, think Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, and Ronnie Coleman. Although in terms of bodybuilding, I am as much of an amateur as one can be, and although I have not partaken in the use of steroids, I know several people who have. This is a topic that is ignored entirely too often and T-Nation produced a great article, from an anonymous source, on the subject. Since my knowledge is decent, but no where near as good as the article, here is the link to that story: On a side note, I am in no way advocating the use of steroids, I am just presenting information as factually as I possibly can, and choosing not to ignore the subject that is so usually ignored in this great sport.


  1. Obviously I don't body-build, nor do I do/take steroids. My number one concern about them is the same as my concern about anything non-natural or medicated. We just don't really know what it is that is going into our bodies. Even if we know the name of the drug, or the ingredients, what are the actual effects? Is that something we, as the general public, can actually know? Our bodies were made to function at their full potential on their own, as long as we eat well and exercise a safe/healthy amount. Just my opinions.

  2. I like how that you give both sides of the story to steroid use. I don't agree with steroid use, but I'm also not a body builder. I think it comes down to each individual to make the choice the best suits them.

  3. I personally would never use steroids, I do not think the risk outweighs the reward in this circumstance. Although they are not deemed as cheating in body building I would not want to feel as though I did complete my tasks of body building records with the help of steroids. I would rather know that I did it based purely off of my own hard work, no steroids added.