Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bodybuilding as Art?
You may think I'm crazy, if you have become a regular follower of my blog, my ideas are a little bit out there sometimes, but on this post, I believe I will make my strongest point yet. This point being, that bodybuilding is an art. And like all good art, it is misunderstood quite often. Salvador Dali was definitely not relatable to most people, and many thought his artwork was absurd and sometimes even ugly. The same is true for bodybuilding. I hear all the time, "Wow he is TOO BIG, it is just gross!" and many other things of that nature. In my eyes, bodybuilding is beautiful, because like any other art form, you dedicate yourself wholly to the art and see results take shape before your eyes. The only difference between bodybuilding and conventional art is the choice of canvas.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Does it fit your macros?
If it fits your macros is nothing short of a miracle diet. You mean to tell, uncertified crazy blogger guy, that I can eat poptarts and lose weight? Yes, I am your hero, thank me later. All IIFYM (for short) means is that you can eat whatever you want, so long as it fits into your macro nutrient calculations, which can be found, along with more information regarding IIFYM, at
My favorite diet food, yummy.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Return of the Vacuum?
In recent years, due to human growth hormone usage, paired with insulin and force feeding, the rise of the "GH gut" has been seen, and I find it sad to see. No longer visible is the beautiful vacuum pose that Arnold mastered during his Olympia years. However, I've recently discovered a beautiful sight, one Jason Huh is sporting massive size, along with a lack of gut, and ability to hit the vacuum pose! As a fan of the sport, and not a fan of the gut, I couldn't be more excited!
Pictured below are, in order from top to bottom: Roelly Winklaar's disgusting gut, Arnold hitting his signature vacuum pose, and Jason Huh doing the same

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Feeder Workouts
In  the world of bodybuilding, just saying the name Rich Piana brings up a thousand different images. The guy is massive, and regardless of what you think about the admitted steroid and synthol usage, the man's physique is impressive. I recently watched a video of Rich, in which he talked about feeder workouts. Basically, every night before bed you do a high volume workout in order to force nutrient rich blood to a lagging muscle group. For instance, his video talks about doing three sets of 100 skull crushers and 60 hammer curls for lagging arms. I have recently implemented this exact workout into my routine and have noticed how much more full and tight my arms have become. As far as growth is concerned, I am hoping for the very best. For your viewing pleasure, I embedded the video from Rich below.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

That Taboo Thing: Steroids
Perhaps little known to the general public, steroids are as large a part of professional bodybuilding as legal supplementation, diet, and even lifting weights. All four aspects must be perfectly balanced in order for a bodybuilder to look their absolute best on stage. This is not a sport for making money, unless you consistently win 2-3 pro shows a year and have killer endorsement deals, or your own supplement line, think Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, and Ronnie Coleman. Although in terms of bodybuilding, I am as much of an amateur as one can be, and although I have not partaken in the use of steroids, I know several people who have. This is a topic that is ignored entirely too often and T-Nation produced a great article, from an anonymous source, on the subject. Since my knowledge is decent, but no where near as good as the article, here is the link to that story: On a side note, I am in no way advocating the use of steroids, I am just presenting information as factually as I possibly can, and choosing not to ignore the subject that is so usually ignored in this great sport.