Sunday, April 12, 2015

Feeder Workouts
In  the world of bodybuilding, just saying the name Rich Piana brings up a thousand different images. The guy is massive, and regardless of what you think about the admitted steroid and synthol usage, the man's physique is impressive. I recently watched a video of Rich, in which he talked about feeder workouts. Basically, every night before bed you do a high volume workout in order to force nutrient rich blood to a lagging muscle group. For instance, his video talks about doing three sets of 100 skull crushers and 60 hammer curls for lagging arms. I have recently implemented this exact workout into my routine and have noticed how much more full and tight my arms have become. As far as growth is concerned, I am hoping for the very best. For your viewing pleasure, I embedded the video from Rich below.


  1. This is interesting. I have always heard that you shouldn't work out before bed because it effects your sleep cycle. I guess it depends on which you value more... Muscles or sleep. I know my preference!

  2. Is it scientifically proven that what you said is accurate, Katelyn? I have done workouts before going to sleep and slept just fine through the night.

  3. That was a very fascinating video. I do not know what a skull crusher is, and I am fairly certain that I will never do one lol.