Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bodybuilding as Art?
You may think I'm crazy, if you have become a regular follower of my blog, my ideas are a little bit out there sometimes, but on this post, I believe I will make my strongest point yet. This point being, that bodybuilding is an art. And like all good art, it is misunderstood quite often. Salvador Dali was definitely not relatable to most people, and many thought his artwork was absurd and sometimes even ugly. The same is true for bodybuilding. I hear all the time, "Wow he is TOO BIG, it is just gross!" and many other things of that nature. In my eyes, bodybuilding is beautiful, because like any other art form, you dedicate yourself wholly to the art and see results take shape before your eyes. The only difference between bodybuilding and conventional art is the choice of canvas.


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