Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Return of the Vacuum?
In recent years, due to human growth hormone usage, paired with insulin and force feeding, the rise of the "GH gut" has been seen, and I find it sad to see. No longer visible is the beautiful vacuum pose that Arnold mastered during his Olympia years. However, I've recently discovered a beautiful sight, one Jason Huh is sporting massive size, along with a lack of gut, and ability to hit the vacuum pose! As a fan of the sport, and not a fan of the gut, I couldn't be more excited!
Pictured below are, in order from top to bottom: Roelly Winklaar's disgusting gut, Arnold hitting his signature vacuum pose, and Jason Huh doing the same


  1. I feel like I need a little more elaboration on what the "vacuum pose" is... is it these men sucking in their stomachs, or is it the way they are lifting up their arms. I definitely think it weird that some of these people who work so hard for these bodies end up with the "gut" you described.

  2. 1. How does somebody get that big?
    2. I would love to see the reactions of some people if they saw guys this strong walking through the mall or something. It just looks so disturbing to me how big these guys are.

  3. I high appreciate this post. It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! would you mind updating your blog with more information?